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From Iceland to all over the world

HBG service was founded in Januray 2004 in Iceland.  The company manufactures  2 different kinds of length and tension monitoring systems for the fishing industry.   Trawl Tec 2000 for any size of trawler, big or small, and Line Tec 2000 which  monitors the torque on the longline when hauling the line and the baiting process while setting.

Like most good things, the company started as a small family company, but now has expanded all over the world. Servicing fishing boats in  Canada, Norway, Spain, Russia and the USA just to name a few.


Since the beginning HBG Service has developed and served the Trawl Tec 2000 system which has since been used all over the world with good results and has earned a good reputation among captains and fishing operations.


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