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We are quite happy to have taken Trawl Tec on board Jökull ÞH 259. This system has proven itself repeatedly. The new software Trawl Tec 2000 shows information about length of wire and tension. This has helped us to maintain the widest opening of the warp. Also, we can see the actual speed of the warp during hauling. We therefore avoid stressing the equipment and save both fuel and gear.

Ágúst Hermannsson Fishing operations Manager

Jökull-Hafþór Hreiðarsson 2012 á síðu

Trawl Tec 2000 Line makes our work at sea much easier. We have more overview of the line, both when setting the line as well as the tension when hauling in,  specially in rough weather. I highly recommend this equipment. 

Jón Bessi Árnason, Captain of Núpur BA 69

núpur á síðu

It was a good decision to choose Trawl Tec and Seine Tec. It has saved us a great deal of time to use this equipment because we often had to pull wires and rope to shore. Both wires and ropes were often damaged in the process. Fuel consumption has also decreased by 10-15 % due to less need for engine power when pulling up the trawl. Decrease in reparation of other equipment, like trawl and other engine equipment has also been noticeable. This equip- ment pays for it self in a matter of a short time. I highly recommend Trawl Tec and Seine Tec.

Gunnar Jóhannsson captain on Sigurbjörg ST 55

Sigurbjörg ný



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