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rawl Tec 2000 is a flexible tension and length monitoring system for all types and sizes of trawlers.

Trawl Tec 2000 consists of these main modules:

Measuring block unit:

Sensors for tension and length are set up in special blocks. These robust blocks come in three sizes and can be used either as a main or as a middle block, depending on the size of the vessel.

Converts analogue sensor signals to digital form. After computing, signals are sent to the software for display.
Software-Trawl Tec 2000:
The software runs in Windows TM environment, with a user friendly interface. All operation are executed schematically, with point and click operation.

How does Trawl Tec 2000 work?

Trawl Tec 2000 Supports GPS and uses GPS to calculate trawl speed when shooting out the trawl and when hauling in as well.

It displays on the screen when hauling in the trawl and therefore it is possible to reduce the speed of the vessel and reduce the fuel consumption. This will maintain the optimum speed of the trawl as recommended by the trawl manufacturer.

By using GPS it is easy to coordinate between two vessels that use twin trawling. The pulling power must be equally shared between the vessels to help them to keep the trawl fully open. Trawl Tec 2000 sends information between vessels so the primary vessel will see the actual pull and wire length of the sister vessel.

Trawl Tec 2000 has five options on its software. It can be used with single trawl, two trawls, twin trawling, Danish seining and line tension.
There is also an option to use it with a PLC that controls the winches. This makes it possible to set up an “Auto trawl” system.


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